Here, straight from the Microsoft Jobs Blog, are some pitfalls to avoid:

As an interviewer, it’s extremely frustrating to be interviewing a candidate who answers a question before you’re done asking it. Not only am I now irritated that you’ve cut me off, but you’re likely going to give me an answer I didn’t ask for.

One thing I’ve done when interviewing, or am in a meeting, etc., is if I think of something I want to add or a question – I jot it down and save it for when it’s my turn to talk.

Be careful not to assume you know everything already. I’ve had a candidate interrupt just about everything I was saying as I was preparing him to interview here. He came across as impatient and that he felt I had nothing to offer him. It didn’t leave me with a good impression. Even if you do know it all, try not to let it show.

There’s much more advice that is a MUST READ prior to your interview with Microsoft, so check out the whole article and the rest of the series.


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