They say that December isn’t a good month for job seekers, but you can make the case that it’s not at all true. There are plenty of reasons to be merry.

Firstly, there is no shortage of advertised positions on the major job boards. On Indeed alone, a search for jobs in Seattle shows over 45,000 job listings within 25 miles of the city. And this doesn’t count the multitudes of unadvertised job opportunities.

Secondly, you can count on many job seekers taking time off from the hunt. While the competition is sipping egg nog, the eager job hunter can squeeze in time for job search activities between the shopping and the Christmas parties. By managing your time well, you can enjoy the festivities while simultaneously keeping your employment search moving forward.

Thirdly, in some economic sectors there is a proliferation of temporary jobs. And some of those part-time holiday season jobs will convert into permanent jobs. If you impress your employer, one of those permanent jobs could be yours.

So there are plenty of good reasons to keep looking for work during the month of December. Make the most of the season! Take advantage of networking opportunities at the holiday parties, and use gift-giving to gift yourself suitable wardrobe items for your interviews.

Even if you choose not to go overboard with the job seeking, December is a great month for updating your resume and refreshing your LinkedIn Profile. That’s because the first quarter of the new year is the year’s busiest time for recruiting at many companies because of the start of new budgets.

Come January, everyone who took vacations during the holidays returns to work ready to accelerate the recruiting process. Make sure you’re ready to advance your career in the new year by getting an early start.

Happy holidays! Writing Wolf will be closed on December 24 and December 25, but we’re open and ready to assist you in getting ready for career ready for the New Year.

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Joseph Perez, CPRW, CJSS, is Principal and dual-certified Resume Writer and Job Search Strategist with more than a decade's experience in working with professionals from industries including Information Technology, Engineering, Finance, Healthcare, Education, and more. He is a graduate of Harvard University and has earned a Certificate in Integral Leadership from Pacific Integral. His philosophy when writing a resume is simple: classic quality, modern design, smart strategy, and technical perfection.


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