Glassdoor and Instagram are among the latest technology tools changing the way Seattle professionals research and find jobs. The first offers a large database of employer reviews available for searching and the other is allowing some people to give a personal touch to their professional side.

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Glassdoor holds a growing database of 6 million company reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, interview reviews and questions, office photos and more. Unlike other jobs sites, all of this information is entirely shared by those who know a company best — the employees. Add to that the latest jobs and the ability to see Inside Connections at companies via your Facebook network — no other community allows you to see which employers are hiring, what it’s really like to work there according to employees, and who you may know at a particular company all in one place.

Employment Guide recently explained that 48% of respondents to a recent survey said they used Glassdoor in their job search. The reviews are helping job seekers make informed decisions before the interview and after landing a job offer. The article says:

One of the most useful tools according to 48% of job seekers was the employee review tab. Surveyed job seekers said reviews posted in the last six months had the biggest impact on their views of the company. Check for any recent negative ratings, along with the ratings regarding benefits and compensation to ensure they’re in line with your expectations. Be cautious when all posts about an employer are completely positive. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Conversely, if all of the posts are negative, don’t assume that it is a terrible company to work for. Typically, if someone has a bad experience, they’ll utilize the internet as their soapbox to vent their dissatisfaction. Read the remarks, and if you’re concerned about anything, ask some pointed questions during an interview to gain a clearer understanding of the company.

Another social website is the popular photo sharing site Instagram, which is rivaling Facebook in popularity among some groups of young people. In “Instagram changes the rules for job search”, Seattle Times writer Randy Woods says:

Launched in 2010 as a simple image-sharing app, Instagram was elevated to business-tool status after it was purchased by Facebook in 2012. With its ability to tie images instantly into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media accounts, Instagram has made it easier for job seekers to market themselves and for recruiters to discover talent.

Woods also offers tips for figuring out if you’re someone who can benefit from Instagram and how to get more out of the tool. For example, he says persons with more conservative occupations such as accounting may not be the best users of Instagram. On the other hand, using high-tech tools can be a good signal to hiring managers in technology companies that you’re tech savvy.


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