Does your online identity suffer from “multiple personality disorder”? Then you’re not alone. The impact of social media on professional advancement and job searching is causing a marriage of personal and professional identities in a problematic way for many professionals. How you present yourself with friends and family is increasingly blurring with your career persona.

In an interview with the Personal Branding Blog, public relations expert Brian Solis says:

What’s in play right now is something so profound the we are only on the verge of realizing its true impact and potential. The path that many of us are on today however, place us on a collision course between our personal and professional brands as well as the brands we ultimately represent. Social media requires us to engage transparently and as such, the networks and corresponding social graphs that we’re forming blur the lines between who we are to friends and family, peers and professional contacts, and also those we hope to reach on behalf of our business. Our attention is finite and it’s increasingly thinning to a point of diminishing returns.

The remedy? According to Solis, it’s a “strategic embrace” of “multiple personality order”.


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