A recent article by Randy Woods highlights the importance of blogging and other aspects of online identity in conducting today’s IT job search. He shares one success story, Liz Stinson, who landed a job at Microsoft only months after starting a technology blog:

“I had maybe five regular blog readers,” says Stinson, who mostly read white papers and other Web articles about Azure and “boiled down the language” to explain how it works. Luckily for Stinson, one of those readers was a recruiter for Microsoft who had been searching the Web for terms that relate to Azure. The recruiter was intrigued enough by the blog to arrange for Stinson, who lived in the Bay Area, to interview in Redmond.

About six months later, Stinson was hired as the new security program manager for Windows Azure. “I had only just started looking for a job,” she says. “So this was weirdly serendipitous.”

Blogs help in a number of ways: by communicating your passion for the subject, by showing off your knowledge of current industry trends, and by helping to establish your unique individual voice.

In some ways, blogs are the resumes of the future. They demonstrate your competence in an area of importance to potential importance far more convincingly and in-depth than a one- or two-page document. Moreover, they aare recruiter and hiring manager magnets, giving you an opportunity to continually interact with thought leaders in your field and position yourself as one of them.


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